Do you know that almost 60% of searches are done on mobile devices? And one of the sites that are widely visited is YouTube. According to the statistics report it shows that more than 1 billion unique users visit YouTube each month and 70% traffic comes from outside the US.

In today’s century smartphones, tablets etc. has been a trend to search for various sites and YouTube is never left out. Now the video service is quickly going mobile which is the source of some of the traffic that YouTube gets. Almost everyone who gets in to YouTube enjoys browsing for more videos to watch or music to listen to. Either sipping a cup of coffee whilst waiting for a meeting or relaxing, watching videos on a phone can also be entertaining and removes boredom.

YouTube started investing to a great mobile experience not only for the web but also Android and now for iOS especially when they took control of the app back from Apple. This gave them another great opportunity in expanding even further. Since mobile is widely used these days, YouTube started transcoding videos so it becomes mobile friendly. So they made a deal with Apple about getting a YouTube app pre-installed on iPhones.

The most recent YouTube mobile phone products news comes with its plan starting this November to let customers save and watch videos offline. Earlier they have released a multi-tasking within iOS as well as Android apps which allows viewers to minimize the video but can keep the audio playing on the background whilst browsing for additional videos to watch. Having that functionality is a great help for those who enjoy using the streaming service of YouTube’s music videos library. As of this year there still have been no competitors that challenge YouTube’s standing as being the home associated with user generated videos.